Hello Hikers,

As most of you know the Appalachian Trail Hike 2004 was a success. The hike was a return to the woods for some and a brand new experience for others. And with all new experiences we learn valuable lessons. This hike was no exception. The important thing to do is learn from your experiences whether they were good or bad. No matter what kind of a hiker you are something new can be learned from each experience and I think we all learned something to improve on next year.

The same as last year please send me email addresses of people who you think will enjoy a hike in the woods and I will add them to the email list. Or, just forward them this email and they can respond to me if they wish to be added. And of course if you want nothing to do with another hike let me know and I will take you off. But, of course no-one will fall into this category, RighT!

I'm sending this email primarily to gather input on dates. If your a student or teacher send me the date your schooling is done for the summer or the time between semester in the April-July 2005 time period. If you have specific dates your not available in the April-July timeframe let me know. Essentially, if you have input on dates during this time period let me know. I will compile a date matrix and magically compute dates for the 2005 hike. If you do have input on dates get them to me by the end of the year. I will try and send out another email around the beginning of the year giving date information and hiking distances for each day. Beyond that will come the website and printable trail maps.

Plan on four days hiking with three nights on the trail. Starting a Neels Gap ending around Unicoi Gap approximate distance is now is 21 miles could get longer but not shorter depending on water supply.

Ok, your mission: Get me inputs on dates by January 1 2005.


Take Care, Eric